Ebooks on general R/bioconductor

Ebooks on general R/bioconductor

Version control with Git

You’ll need the following three items for our in-class Git exercise:

  • here are my instructions to guide you through a version control exercise

  • Download this recipe for chocolate muffins and open it in a text editor. We’ll use this to illustrate version control using the workflow above.

  • Here’s a .gitignore. I’ll explain a bit more about this in class

If you want to learn more about Git, or practice what you’ve learned, check out the resources below:

  • Got 15 min to spare? Practice Git right in your browser in this handy web tool from the folks at Code School

  • In this class, we used the Unix terminal to execute Git commands. If you want to learn more about Unix commands, check out this Unix & Perl tutorial for Biologists, from the Korf lab at UC Davis

  • A Git cheat-sheet with all of the most common commands

  • Delve more deeply into version control with ProGit, a free book by Scott Chacon.