## Plasma cell subsets Plasma cells (PCs) can be grouped into subsets based on the isotype of the antibody they secrete, their phenotype including maturity and their survival niche in the body. In this study we examined differential gene expression in several of these subsets. We sorted PCs from lamina propria (LP), bone marrow (BM) and spleens (SPL) collected from three wild type C57Bl/6 mice from which we prepared RNA to analyse by microarray. We further split BM and SPL samples into B220+ and B220- subsets while all LP PCs used were B220-. We also sorted folicular B cells from these mice for a total of 3 samples from each of 6 groups for a total of 18 samples. This tool allows for the examination of differential gene expression between any group (AVG) or individual sample. The table below can be filtered by gene search term and sorted by any column.