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Script Name Packages Last updated
Step1_TxImport.R tximport, tidyverse, biomaRt, ensemblDB Sept 12th, 2021
Step2_dataWrangling.R ggplot2, tidyr, matrixstats, edgeR Sept 26th, 2021
Step3_multivariate.R ggplot2, tidyverse, plotly, gt, DT Oct 3rd, 2021
Step4_publicData.R rhdf5 Oct 10th, 2021
Step5_diffGenes.R limma, edgeR, SVA Oct 17th, 2021
Step6_modules.R gplots, Rcolorbrewer, heatmaply, d3heatmap Oct 24th, 2021
Step7_functionalEnrichment.R GSVA, gprofiler2, clusterProfiler, msigdbr, enrichplot Nov 1st, 2021
Step8_essentials.R, Rmarkdown_template.Rmd, Rmarkdown_essentials.Rmd, flexdashboard_essentials.Rmd Rmarkdown, Knitr, renv, flexdashboard Nov 7th 2021
buildPkg.R devtools, usethis, roxygen2 Nov 7th 2021
DIY_scRNAseq.R Seurat, DropletUtils, Scater, cellassign, SingleR, celldex Nov 28th 2021