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Lecture 12 – Making your analysis portable and reproducible


Homework #4: Case Study: Exploratory Data Analysis in R (~4hrs) - is due today!


At this point in the course, you have a working directory full of scripts, tabular data, plots, and many other breadcrumbs from your project. So, it’s well past time for us to start taking steps to make our analysis reproducible. To do this, we’ll spend this lab producing an renv lock file, upload our entire project to github, learn to edit the repo remotely using VS Code, and then archive the repo using Zenodo so that you can include a DOI for your code in any paper.

What you need to do

Nothing…at least not yet! The content for this lab will be posted on Nov 17th. If you’re following along virtually, this content will remain up after Nov 17th for anyone to access.