In the first half of this module, you’ll watch a video that walks through the basics of working with an R script. Then, you’ll begin your first active coding lesson in Datacamp

Learning objectives

  • Understand the structure of an R script and how to navigate a script in RStudio
  • Know how to get data into and out of R
  • Know how to install and load packages into your environment
  • Understand the common data structures used when working in R
  • Undestand basic subsetting operations in base R
  • Know how to get help directly in RStudio

Files you’ll need

Download the files below and place them on your desktop. If any of these files do not download when you click on them, simply right-click and choose ‘copy link address’, then open a new browser tab, paste the path into your web-browser URL bar, and hit enter.

R script - I’ll use this script in the first video to demonstrate key basic concepts in R

swine_study.txt - a simple text file that we’ll use as an example of working with dataframes

matrix.txt - a simple data matrix that we’ll also use in the script above.

Lecture video

Lecture slides on iCloud

Active coding exercise in Datacamp

Introduction to R