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As the inaugural lecture for the course, we’ll spend this lecture discussing Illumina’s ‘Sequencing by Synthesis’ technology. We’ll also walk through the steps involved in planning for a transcriptomics experiment. After this lecture, jargon like flow cell, single-end, paired-end, indexing, cluster density, library, ribo-depletion, scRNAseq, and fastq will practically roll off your tongue.

Learning objectives

  • Get familiar with jargon of RNAseq/HTS (paired-end, cluster density, fastq, index, etc)
  • Understand Illumina’s “Sequencing by Synthesis” (SBS) technology
  • Set priorities when planning a sequencing experiment
  • Understand the basics of library prep for HTS


File formats produced by sequencing.

RNA-seqlopedia - Created by the Univ. of Orgeon, this is a great resource for understanding the entire RNAseq workflow.

Lecture videos

Part 1 - History of sequencing and details of Illumina’s ‘Sequencing by Synthesis’ (SBS) technology

Part 2 - Design considerations for RNAseq experiments, and the state-of-the-art for transcriptomics